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Gluten-Free Resources

Posted by on July 20, 2011

Last week I wrote about my gluten-free story.  Here are some resources that have helped me:

Here’s my gluten-free eating philosophy: Just eat normal stuff. Not stuff made from rice and such that is put into recipes “pretending” to be wheat. I do have these exceptions that I enjoy eating and making: pizza crust, chocolate chip cookies, pancakes, and quinoa/corn pasta. (I mean who could go their whole life without another chocolate chip cookie or slice of pizza?!)

Here is one issue I ran into at first…the food delivery systems. Most of my previous food transportation was on wheat based products. Figuring out how to enjoy the foods that used bread, crackers and flour tortillas was a breakthrough. Here are some of my old stand-by’s with gluten-free substitutes:

Chicken salad—I used to eat on wheat crackers or sandwich bread—now I make a lettuce wrap or use tortilla chips or “Food Should Taste Better” chips

Hummus—I used to dip pita bread—now I dip celery, carrots, bell pepper

Breakfast burrito on a flour tortilla—after learning to cook corn tortillas on the griddle, I now like my eggs wrapped in a corn tortilla.  This is the breakfast Stan makes on Sunday mornings before church.

Shredded BBQ Beef Sandwich on a bun—now I dip tortilla chips or “Food Should Taste Better” chips in the BBQ beef, or I put it on top of a baked potato

Here are a few of the places I turn to for ideas and recipes for gluten-free meals:

Sarah at Amongst Lovely Things has many good ideas for “What to Eat” and “What to Buy”.
She also recommends this recipe for Chicken Nuggets.

Here, at the Gluten Free Cooking School you will find good basic bread and pancake recipes. I personally don’t like bread that much and I never ate many sandwiches before, so I very rarely make gluten-free bread. But the recipes from this website are dependable and good.

Gluten Free Mommy has a wealth of ideas and recipes

Elizabeth Foss gives her recommendations for No Wheat Christmas Baking.  This was helpful because I went gluten-free right before Christmastime.

Here is a recipe for wonderful Peanut Butter Cookies

What are your favorite gluten-free resources? 

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